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I posted these words on Facebook and Instagram recently [update: I’m no longer on FB/Insta].

I had such a positive reaction on and offline that I decided to make it more permanent in the form of this blog post, rather than disappearing into the ephemeral world of social media.

As well as sharing the story of my huge coastal journey, I think it’s important to occasionally air these topics because they’re vital to the success of this project and others like it.

Just like Turning the Tide to Keep Art Alive in 2018, I hope you find this post valuable whether you’re reading as an existing follower of my work or an artist creating work of your own.

If you’re completely new to The Lifeboat Station Project, welcome! Click here to learn more about it.

However you’ve landed here, I hope you’ll stick around for a while to see the rest of the journey unfold…

A lot of creators like me are offering the usual raft of seasonal flash sales, giveaways and discounts at the moment. The reason seems clear on the surface — January and February’s a tough time for artists, just as it is for most people.

Below the surface, the topic of discounts comes up regularly within the artist community and I’m often asked from many directions if I’ll be doing the same. 

The short answer is “No.”

I tried this seasonal approach in the early days of the project but it ended up being costly in ways that reached far beyond money.

The price of the things I offer — from mugs to postcards to limited edition prints — have been carefully considered from the outset, and there are already various ways to save money which I’ve outlined on the website.

Therefore, I only offer a hefty discount to the people that help me make the work — the lifeboat volunteers.

As you know, I’m so passionate about this project that is now becoming my life’s work. However, by fully committing to it, I’ve put my family and me through too much terrifying financial hardship and emotional stress over the years to attach words like flash sale or bargain discount to the ideas and items I create to fund the project. 

If you’d like to make a purchase, please don’t postpone for the potential of a seasonal giveaway or sale because it won’t be happening. Whether you buy a pack of postcards for £6 or a limited edition print for £195, you’ll be helping to create a good news story that shines a light on the greatness of fellow humans in our tempestuous world.

The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe

Thank you to all those who’ve supported the project so far. I couldn’t make this unprecedented body of work without you.

Now it’s nearly time to begin the sixth year of my coastal journey. If you’d like to find out where I’m heading on my first mission of the decade, I’ve just announced the itinerary on my Patreon page…

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Behind the scenes photograph by John Chennells of Jack about to make the Dungeness crew portrait

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