1. Shame you came too early to Southend we now have a lady in the crew .
    Wonderful work I have enjoyed looking through .
    Regards Wend . Volunteer in the Southend shop .

  2. I love these!! I’m also a female crew member, At our station in Porthdinllaen, we have 6 female crew members, last year i was also named as the youngest qualified female crew member!

    • That’s excellent, Caryl! Thank you for sharing and for your kind words. Jack

  3. I wonder how old this list is as there must be many more ladies to date? Are you going to do an up-date soon? All of the RNLI do such an amazingly brave job,including my young sister at The Lizard,so thank you for your photos.

    • Hello Kathy,

      Thank you for making the time to write. As you may have spotted on the Mission Map, I’m 37% of the way through the journey…just another 150 stations to go! I don’t photograph every woman individually on the network, just those who are available when time and resources allow. Around 9% of lifeboat volunteers are women and I reckon that most of those at least appear in the crew photographs if they haven’t been photographed individually.

      Thanks again,


  4. This stuff is truly a blast back in time but shot now WOW.
    LOVE the aesthetic depreciation of this camera and the chemical process.
    All that limited High Dynamic range to just what, may be 2 stops max. Just gives you a harnessed Light and dark reality. Great stuff

    • Thank you, Isaac. A good word to describe the sensation you’re enjoying is ‘anachronistic’. And glad you seem to be enjoying stumbling across my journey…! Best wishes, Jack

  5. Wow, That’s quite a set of images, there’s an exhibition there in its own right. Your work is quite outstanding.

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