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  1. Attended a passionate presentation delivered by Jack about his work to date and the future. Great to see the history of the RNLI being captured in such a special way. Looking forward to his visit to Poole LB station.

    • So glad you could make it to the talk, Glen, and an honour to make your portrait on Saturday too. Jack

  2. Jack, when you make it to the RNLI station in Redcar perhaps you might look into the Zetland Museum, only a hundred yards away. The Museum houses the Zetland Lifeboat built more than 200 years ago. No longer a part of the RNLI but a super part of the history of lifesaving at sea.

  3. Excellent. Shame that you neglected mention Ireland in your opening paragraph! The “needle and thread” encompasses both Islands.

    • Quite right too — thank you for highlighting an error that had slipped through the net. I’ve now copied the text from the About page to bring it all into line. Thank you for your interest and eagle eyes! Best wishes, Jack

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