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“You’ve come here and made an event — a special occasion. The glass plates are a record of the occasion, aren’t they? You fix memories.”

Hylton Henry, Aith RNLI Coxswain

Those words were a profound and wonderful observation, I thought, as well as a clever play on some of the photographic vocabulary Hylton Henry (Aith RNLI Coxswain) had learned during my visit in 2016.

He’d hit the nail on the head with just one of the reasons why The Lifeboat Station Project has become so special to so many over the last 7 years.

And, 2 years to the day since my travels came to an abrupt pause in Dartmouth, I’m very pleased to share some good news with you: the time has finally come to fix memories once again.

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Dart RNLI lifeboat volunteers, 15th March 2020 — the last crew portrait I made on the project, the day before the pandemic paused my travels


Mission 21 | March and April 2022

Here’s the upcoming itinerary as things stand — please note that the dates are subject to change:

  • FLINT: Thursday 24th March 2022 [CONFIRMED]
  • WEST KIRBY: Saturday 26th March 2022 [CONFIRMED]
  • HOYLAKE: Tuesday 29th March 2022 [CONFIRMED]
  • NEW BRIGHTON: Thursday 31st March 2022 [CONFIRMED]
  • LYTHAM ST. ANNES: Sunday 3rd April 2022 [CONFIRMED]
  • FLEETWOOD: Thursday 7th April 2022 [CONFIRMED]
  • MORECAMBE: Sunday 10th April 2022 [CONFIRMED]
  • BARROW: Tuesday 12th April 2022 [CONFIRMED]

As you can see, my travels resume very soon indeed — I’ll be hitting the road in just one week’s time!

If anything changes, I’ll endeavour to update it here but you can also keep tabs on the latest information via the interactive Mission Map:



Follow along in the project’s dedicated app

I won’t deny it, the last 2 years have been a challenge but I’m proud to be here, still able to make and share this good news story.

That’s largely down to the commitment and generosity of my patrons who support me via The LSP Society — the independent membership platform I built in November 2020 during Lockdown 2.

If you would like to learn more about that, have a read of Reinvention Complete.

And if, like my patrons, you enjoy the project and would like to see it reach completion, I’m asking for as many people as possible to show their support, either by signing up to The LSP Society or in the other ways described on the Become a Supporter page.

I cannot stress enough that the financial assistance of those who enjoy the project is essential to both its continuation and completion.

And as I start this new chapter, things will also be different when it comes to sharing my journey.

After stepping away from Facebook and Instagram in June 2020, this will be the first mission that I’m sharing in The LSP Society app — the independent social platform I built last year.

There’ll be snippets on Twitter (alerting people to where I am, for example) but the more in-depth posts and behind-the-scenes photographs will now be shared in the project’s app.

Full membership to The LSP Society starts from just £1 per month. The most popular amounts are £3 or £5 per month but you can pledge whatever you’re comfortable with.

Heck, if you don’t like it, you can pause or cancel your pledge at any time and it won’t cost you another penny.

But I reckon you’re going to enjoy it, and this next chapter is going to be very special indeed as I finally make my long-awaited return to the coast — please spread the word where possible, whether online or in person!

Find out more here:



A film by Pete Naylor, shortlisted at the 2018 Newlyn Film Festival


A film made by the RNLI to celebrate the project’s 5th anniversary


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  1. Good luck Jack on the next chapter of LSP…look forward to seeing the results in due course. Happy St. Patricks Day to you too!

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