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Jack Lowe’s 8 year mission to photograph all 238 RNLI lifeboat stations on glass

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  1. Already been to us at Walton & Frinton L/B Station lovely man wish him well on his journey.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Lerwick today guys. Many thanks for your fantastic efforts, and best wishes on your travels.

    • We really did, thank you, Peter! Great to meet you all. Best wishes, Jack

  3. Thank you for all the stunning pictures that you have taken, and look forward to seeing them in the future.

  4. Hi Jack, we met you on the cliffs in shetland and you were kind enough to show us the development of the picture you had just taken. At the other end of the photography spectrum (in more ways than 1!) I took a digital picture of your camera looking out over the cliffs. Love your work.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write. It was great to meet you! Best wishes, Jack

  5. A fantastic project both from a photography and supporting the RNLI aspect. . All the best Jack.

  6. Hi Jack great work! Fantastic photos! When are you coming to Rye Harbour East Sussex?
    Luke Huggins RNLI Rye Harbour crew member

    • Hey Luke, Congratulations on buying the last available keyring for 2016! Not sure on a date for Rye — maybe as soon as next year. Looking forward to it! Jack

  7. Hi jack
    thanks for your reply..glad i got the last keyring of 2016!..Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best for the new year and we hope to see you soon in Rye Harbour..

  8. I’m overwhelmed by the idea, the quality of the photographs and the tenaciousness of Jack. I was chairman of the Exmouth Lifeboat until May last year and its wonderful to see the pictures of the people I know, like, respect and trust.

    • Thank you so much for making the time to write such kind words, Tim — it was a truly fantastic day at Exmouth back in September. Happy memories. Best wishes, Jack

    • I did indeed, Mat. Look out for them in the Galleries over the coming weeks… Jack

    • Thank you, Carl. I’m often in Poole, so I’m sure we could meet up for a coffee one day… Jack

  9. Hi could I ask would you not be able to do the same thing to help raise funds for the independent lifeboat stations,I have 2 sons on the Hemsby lifeboat in Hemsby,I also do voluntary work at our lifeboat shop to also raise funds for this amazing crew of men and women… I think what you do is great but although they aren’t RNLI they do the same job and rely on other people to raise funds for all there equipment and work hard at everything else for the village … Carole n Mark Jones

    • Dear Carole & Mark, I completely understand and agree with your sentiments. However, the project is set to take 8 years to complete as things stand. There are over 60 independent lifeboat stations carrying out a fine job around our coastline. That’s a further two years’ work (!), so I’m afraid I don’t think it’s going to happen. But never say never… Best wishes and keep up the good work, Jack

  10. Enjoyed listening to your project today on Togcast whist on my way to a photo day. Hope I can get to see the Skegness shoot.

    • Thank you for listening, Ralph, and glad you enjoyed it. Yes, maybe see you in Skegness! Best wishes, Jack

  11. Great pictures. When you’re finished with UK and Ireland, you could continue with our stations here in Finland.

  12. High Jack, just found out about this from a group I’m following on FB, I’m from Buncrana which houses the Lough Swill station, can’t wait to see some familiar faces in your work, a noble project keep it up, I hope COVID doesn’t delay you much longer

    • Hello, Thank you very much. I’m really looking forward to visiting Donegal. Let’s hope that day comes around sooner rather than later! Best wishes, Jack

  13. Just been reading all about you and the project in Country Life 6th January. Fascinating project! I wouldn’t usually spend much time reading up about lifeboats in magazines, but with the photography aspect, and the old fashioned way of taking the photos it grabbed my attention. I just love the way the photos you take are comparable to photos taken 100+ years ago of lifeboat crews, and really there’s not a lot of difference! A remarkable project! Thank you for doing it!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Gerry. I’m very pleased to hear you found my project via the Country Life piece, an article that has been part of a great start to the year. With best wishes for 2021, Jack

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