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It was very difficult for me to post Mission Fatigue towards the end of last month. As I mentioned at the time, like many people who prefer to put a brave face on things, I find it hard to open up and tell people when I’m struggling.

So, to reveal that I have been finding things almost overwhelming, largely because of the acute financial stresses of keeping the Project on the road, was a big step for me.

However, it’s turned out to have been very positive in many ways. At the time, I received countless messages of support on social media, by email, phone, text and even people I bumped into on my travels!

I also received extraordinarily generous donations.

Many people also committed to ordering prints that they’d been meaning to buy for a while but hadn’t necessarily realised the importance of doing so. Things like print sales are the lifeblood of The LSP and help to keep the Project on the road.

It’s been a wonderful response, thank you. I’m deeply grateful to all of you.


Perhaps the most positive outcome from my ongoing burn-out is a phone call with my friend Richard on Monday 6th November.

In the early days of the Project, I investigated Kickstarter (and other models) but just didn’t think they were appropriate for my work.

Richard asked me if I’d heard of Patreon. I hadn’t.

He nearly didn’t mention it because he knew I didn’t think Kickstarter was right for The LSP. Thank goodness he spoke up because, at first glance, Patreon looked like the perfect platform for creative people just like me!

It’s an online system that allows people to support creators by pledging monthly contributions to projects in return for rewards. In my case, the contributions help me to continue making the work of my life — the archive of our incredible lifeboat volunteers.

With all that in mind, I set about building a Patreon page for The LSP in my usual obsessive way. I quietly launched it a week ago to see what would happen:

The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe on Patreon

Within a day, I’d already attracted several Patrons and as I tap these words, I’m thrilled to have sixteen people supporting my work.

You can now become a Patron of The Lifeboat Station Project too. Have a click on the image above or the button below — you’ll see there are several entry points with increasing levels of reward starting from just a few pounds/dollars per month.

Rewards range from receiving a signed copy of the final book to a day on the road with me…or even having your portrait made on glass!

Become a Patron of The Lifeboat Station Project on Patreon

I explain what your support means to me in greater detail on the Patreon page but, in short, your contributions will help me complete the remaining 58% of this incredible archive.

By removing the financial hurdle, I can freely continue to make the work that’s been lighting up the coastline.


Thank you to everyone who’s already supported me in making this unprecedented body of work, and again to those who rallied round when I revealed that things haven’t been so straight forward.

And, of course, my thanks once again to Richard for pointing me in a great direction!


  1. I always say you can’t have a silver lining without the cloud …
    I will be signing up as a patron as soon as I get home from a week away

  2. Jack, not only are you a supremely talented photographer you’ve also got a genuine, honest and thought provoking way of writing and expressing the journey you are on. It’s a really pleasure to get behind and support a cause that by reading about gives you a real feel good factor which in general isn’t so easy to get these days. I’m going to enjoy the updates and the next 138 stories and hope that yesterday’s sell out and all the messages you’ve had recently have really cheered you, your family and friends up for the next part of the adventure

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