Shoulder-to-Shoulder with the RNLI

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Since visiting the very first station in January 2015, The Lifeboat Station Project has gone from strength-to-strength. There have certainly been plenty of ups and downs on the journey — perhaps inevitable with such an unconventional and ambitious undertaking.


At times, those ups and downs have been logistical, chemical but, more often than not, financial. My resolve and mental strength have been tested to the absolute limit, clinging on for dear life on more than one occasion.

‘Heart-in-mouth’ barely covers it — plain old ‘scary’ will do for now. I’m sure I’ll feel able to write about it in more detail further down the line.

As the journey’s progressed, though, it’s been plain to see that the Project has had a huge impact on the RNLI — to a greater extent and much more quickly than any of us ever expected.

Nearly two years and 72 stations later, I’m still here. Going strong with greater belief and determination than ever before.


From now on, however, I’m proud beyond words to tell you that I’m moving forward with some financial support from the charity I’ve loved since childhood. And while I’m sure the Project will continue to test me in all kinds of unexpected ways, a measure of financial assistance from the RNLI will certainly help smooth those (sometime terrifying) peaks and troughs, enabling the Project to continue riding the glorious wave it’s creating.

To celebrate this landmark event on the Project’s timeline, the RNLI’s Film & Image Team made a short film about my work at Exmouth Lifeboat Station on 7th September.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:



Heartfelt thanks to all those who’ve supported me so far and, of course, to Eleanor Driscoll and Aram Atkinson from the RNLI’s Film & Image Team for creating a brilliant portal into a day-in-the-life on the road with The LSP.


  1. Great film Jack. Great project. Beautiful shots. Don’t forget to give me a shout when you’re headed to North Wales if you need a hand.

  2. We were blown away, the RNLI film and image unit have made such a good short film about you and the project. While we would try to explain to friends what it is you are doing, now we can show them properly and do you justice. I think this will do a lot to raise awareness and in turn support for the LSP.

  3. A wonderful film Jack, and a lovely narrative too. I really hope I can help out when you reach the the south east of Scotland! Keep up the amazing work.

  4. Dear Jack,
    Thoroughly enjoyed the film. You replied to my comment recently that you had done a recce in Swanage in July. You must have seen the jack-up rig working on the slipway. IT’S GOME! It was towed away today so it won’t be long before 13-13 can be in her new home and receive some TLC!

    • Sorry, David…only just seen this comment. Yes, the rig was there at the time. Great to know the station is now fully operational in its new chapter of saving lives at sea. Best wishes, Jack

  5. What a fantastic piece of film Jack. Those photographs are amazing, looking forward to seeing you when you reach our station in Buckie, up on the North coast. I have purchased items from your merch and have been very impressed with the quality-keep up the good work

    • Thank you for your kind words and support, Elaine. Really looking forward to visiting Buckie…next year, hopefully! Jack

      • Next year ? Excellent Jack, can’t wait to see your work first hand.

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