Sound Recordings

A special dimension to the Project — scroll down to hear what I’ve been up to…

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  1. Love this extra dimension Jack, really adds EVEN more depth to the images!

  2. These recordings moved me to tears Jack, capturing the sounds of the sea and lifeboat crews, something I was familiar with a long time ago – brilliant!

    • So glad you’re enjoying them, Jane. They do seem to be striking a chord… Jack

  3. Brilliant project, even better with the new sounds. Keep it up Jack – this will go down in history as truly inspirational

  4. Fantastic project, photo’s are timeless. Viewing these you can connect with the person in the picture somehow. Choice of wet plate gives someting digi never could. Keep going.

  5. Will you be providing subtitles for the sounding recordings take up in the Broch? Hope you’re hae’in a great supper Jack, a’ the boat Kenny

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