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The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe

New to The Lifeboat Station Project? Head to the homepage to learn more about my coastal odyssey, then come back here and read on…

After three years of using Patreon to help fund my project, I felt I’d become too reliant on a platform that’s growing increasingly dominant…and expensive!

So, during the lockdown of November 2020 — and in my quest to be independent from that kind of scenario — I worked out how to build my own membership platform, an environment which I feel is much more suited to The Lifeboat Station Project.

And here it is, The LSP Society:


The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe

As I gear up to resuming my travels following the enforced pause from the pandemic, this is the place where you can get behind the next chapter for The Lifeboat Station Project.

Pledge whatever you’re comfortable with from £1 per month to unlock extra films, audio recordings, blog posts and online talks in the Members’ Area.

You’re in control of your membership — you can pause, delete, decrease or increase your pledge at any time.

NEW: LSP Society members also have access to the brand new social platform and app for iOS and Android devices!

The LSP Society app is:

  • Our ad-free social platform;
  • The best place to follow Jack Lowe’s coastal odyssey;
  • An easy way to connect with Jack and other members;
  • A safe place to contribute your own pictures and stories;
  • My promise that none of your data will be shared with any advertisers or third parties, ever!

All pledges go towards the creation of the project and enable instant access to the Members’ Area and the app — members’ names will also feature in a special thank you page in the final book.

If you’re migrating from Patreon, please click here for a note at the bottom of this page.

Gift membership to others

Click on a pledge below, tick the box labelled Is this a Gift? and follow the instructions to gift membership to a friend, colleague or loved one…


(scroll down further for the full list)

£3 monthly / £36 annually

This is the most popular tier and covers the equivalent cost of two bottles of collodion per year
(I usually get through 30-40)

£5 monthly / £60 annually

Covers the cost of 100 grams of silver nitrate
(I normally use around a kilo per year)

£10 monthly / £120 annually

Pays for a tank of fuel for Neena
(Goodness knows how many of those I get through every year!)

£20 monthly

The second most popular tier

Pledge £20 per month and receive a Limited Edition Print of your choice for every year that you contribute


Pledge £20 per month until the end of the project to receive a signed copy of the final book
(This tier is for new patrons joining in 2021 — see note below)


£1 monthly

£3 monthly

£5 monthly

£10 monthly

£15 monthly

£20 monthly

£25 monthly

£30 monthly

£40 monthly

£50 monthly

£100 monthly


£12 annually

£36 annually

£60 annually

£120 annually

Please contact me if you’d like to pledge a different amount to those listed

Please click here for all the other ways to support The Lifeboat Station Project

Migrating from Patreon?

Thank you! I’ll be gradually adding the key posts from the last three years to the Members’ Area, which you can access when you create your new account for The LSP Society.

Your original rewards will be honoured, of course — The LSP Society should be considered as a continuation from Patreon.

If you need to double-check how to migrate, click here for my Patreon post describing the path.