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As well as the thousands of photographs, videos and stories I regularly share on my social media channels over the years, did you know that I’ve also been making sound recordings since the early days of the project?

The interviews and ambient sounds add a rich, often emotional dimension to the story of the RNLI lifeboat volunteers around our shores.

In the fullness of time, the recordings will be publicly available in all kinds of ways. You can listen to a handful of them below but I publish many more in the Members’ Area of The LSP Society, a place where my online community can help to fund the project from just £1 per month.

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A few minutes of coastal escapism


Recorded June 2016 / Published February 2021

Kirkwall (on Mainland Orkney) was one of the first places where I really noticed the squeaking and creaking of a lifeboat’s fender.

Once again, I couldn’t resist putting my microphone right next to it resulting in a sonic experience that perhaps sounds more akin to rubbing an inflated balloon, listening to one side of an imaginary conversation or something else altogether!


Recorded February 2018 / Published April 2020

Step aboard the mighty Tynemouth RNLI Severn class lifeboat with the mechanic while he fires her up to work on the two 1600hp MTU engines — high quality headphones or speakers recommended!

This episode — the first in a new series of mini soundscapes — is free to listen to here.

Subsequent episodes will accompany my extra podcasts, films and posts in the Members’ Area:

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Recorded June 2015 / Published May 2020

The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe

Moments buried on my hard drives for 5 years, until now…

A fly-on-the-wall soundscape in Ilfracombe on a hot summer’s day in 2015, a day we made a photograph that was to become one of the project’s cornerstones.

You’ll hear the logistical conversations, the ensuing lifeboat manoeuvres, the banter…even an insight into the moments I briefed the crew before the crucial exposure of the glass plate — the latter is an aspect of the project that I’ve never published before.

And that’s not all…

The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe

…I’ve also published a bonus few minutes behind the scenes in Neena between making the first and second plates at Ilfracombe — the very moments I prepared the piece of glass that subsequently carried such an important photograph for the project.

Full recording available in the Members’ Area

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Recorded March 2020 / Published May 2020

While working in Plymouth, the 149th lifeboat station on my journey and the penultimate before the COVID-19 lockdown, the squeaking and creaking of the lifeboat’s fenders formed a permanent aural backdrop.

Before leaving, I couldn’t resist putting my microphones right next to one of the fenders to make this recording. I held one mic and naval historian Iain Ballantyne held the other!

I then used this clip to close the recent podcast featuring a conversation with Plymouth Coxswain, Dave Milford (see previews below).

The fender recording stirred a lot of interest in its own right, so I’ve made this standalone clip for you all to enjoy.


A deeper conversation about lifeboat life


Recorded June 2016 / Published February 2021

I was about three months old and the first introduction I had to the lifeboat was being carried in my father’s boiler suit…” — Dupre Strutt, Kirkwall RNLI Station Mechanic

This is very much a recording of two parts. The first takes us to the 18 minute mark when I thank Dupre because I think the conversation has reached a natural conclusion.

However, he became a little more relaxed after that point so we kept the tape rolling and learned even more.

You’ll hear Dupre rewind the clock to the very beginning. By the end, I can’t help but feel that we’ve really learned so much about what it takes to live and breathe the lifeboat life.

You’ll also hear the moments in which the importance of the lifeboat mechanic’s role became galvanised for me, the point from which I decided to include them in the project wherever possible.

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Recorded / Published March 2020

“That’s the unit, that’s what nobody else sees…and I absolutely love that.” — Dave Milford, Plymouth RNLI Coxswain

Jack Lowe speaks to the legendary Dave Milford about his career aboard the Plymouth lifeboat ahead of his imminent retirement. The podcast also features additional conversation with naval historian Iain Ballantyne, some indulgent ambient sounds and Jack’s characteristic Easter Egg at the end.

Full recording available in the Members’ Area

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Recorded / Published September 2019

“Is anybody else coming in that could relieve me of this fate?” — Mark Mitchell, Portrush RNLI

Mark Mitchell, Portrush RNLI Deputy Coxswain, was on board the lifeboat at the time this iconic photograph was captured by Iain Watson.

30 years on, I spoke to Mark about what it felt like to go to sea in those horrendous conditions.

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Recorded / Published March 2019

The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe

“Beautiful isn’t it? How would you get better than that? The little growl on her. Lovely.”Brendan Copeland, Wicklow Lifeboat Mechanic

A moment in maritime history: 30 years after Annie Blaker entered service with the RNLI, it’s time for her to make way for a new chapter of lifesaving at Wicklow. The last of her kind in active service, she still purrs and rumbles as beautifully as ever.

Listen to the extraordinary sound of this Tyne class lifeboat’s Detroit engines…high quality headphones recommended!

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Recorded / Published March 2019

“There was nothing I could do that night any different to what I did. We had a success story and, unfortunately, somebody did get killed. It happens in what we do. We can’t always be God.” — Ian Sheridan, Howth RNLI Station Mechanic, in conversation with Jack aboard the station’s Trent class lifeboat.

An intimate, heart-wrenching first hand account of an extraordinary rescue in conditions that were too severe to use the lifeboat.

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Meet Wing Munro

June 2016

There was never any occasion when a lifeboat never launched out of Scrabster, be it tide or weather or nothin’ else.” — Wing Munro, Retired Thurso Lifeboat Coxswain

First published on World Radio Day 2018: Jack Lowe — creator of The Lifeboat Station Project — invites you to meet Wing Munro, legendary Coxswain of the Thurso RNLI lifeboat, the most northerly lifeboat station on mainland Britain. Jack’s conversation with Wing was made on 8th June 2016. Wing retired from the RNLI the following year in October 2017.

This podcast is a tribute to Wing Munro’s distinguished and decorated career as a lifeboatman that spanned nearly half a century. Enjoy the pearls of wisdom and wealth of experience that Wing shares with Jack, as well as an introduction made aboard the imperious Tynemouth Severn Class lifeboat on 7th February 2018.


For those who would like to know, the main interview with Wing was recorded in June 2016 using a Tascam DR-40 and Røde NTG-2 microphone.

The intro and outro were recorded in February 2018 with the kit that I’m now using — a DPA 4017c microphone plugged into my iPhone 7 Plus using the DPA d:vice MM-A digital audio interface. The mic was housed inside ‘The Windkiller XL’ by Bubblebee Industries.

Recorded on the iPhone using Hindenburg and edited on a MacBook Pro using Hindenburg Journalist.

From Tramore to Helvick Head

September 2017

The Lifeboat Station Project arrives in Tramore (County Waterford, Ireland) with a warm welcome from Fergal and Nóirín. They’re husband and wife, dedicated teachers and lifeboat volunteers. I can’t thank Fergal and Nóirín enough for hosting me so diligently and thoughtfully! You’ll hear us go on a little tour of the area, including a brief station visit to meet Lifeboat Operations Manager Derek Musgrave. Then to the locally famous Guillamene swimming cove where we bump into larger-than-life Frank Nolan, the lifeboat station’s President. After that, a little insight into life inside Neena (my mobile darkroom), rounding off with a musical treat from Power’s Bar in Dunmore East…

The Lifeboat Station Project arrives in Ireland

September 2017

The very first podcast by photographer Jack Lowe as he takes the Project to Ireland for the first time. Snippets of sound from the ferry crossing including a chat with Catherine Lee (P&O representative and lifeboat volunteer), a brief stop at Larne RNLI Lifeboat Station to meet Phil and Derek before heading south, scrabbling for change at a toll booth and a surprise encounter on the dark, rainy streets of Dunmore East…