1. Why no northern Lifeboats? It would be nice to see a wider spread of photos from across the country.

    • You might enjoy spending a little time looking around the rest of the site, Carron. You’ll learn on the About page that this is a five year mission to all 237 RNLI lifeboat stations (I’m currently 18% of the way through). You’ll also see on the Mission Map that three of the next four missions are to the north. Lots of other information for you on these pages too! Thank you for your interest. Jack

    • Hello to you too, Cathy! Do you mean, “When will you be visiting the Scilly Isles on this epic journey of yours?”…OR…has something happened to the Scilly Isles in the news this morning that I haven’t caught up with yet? 😉

      If the former, I’m not sure yet and we’re making arrangements with Penzance Quay to get my vehicle across — some time in the next three years though, for sure! Thank you for your interest, Jack

  2. Wonderful to see the finished results after watching you in action!

  3. Beautiful and moving pictures, such great photography full of atmosphere and the guts that makes the RNLI so incredibly special.

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