When Ambulance Meets Omnibus Members’ Post

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“Happenstance and serendipity, for me that’s been the richest thing about being alive on this planet.”
— Daniel Meadows

Hosted by fellow photographer Tom Broadbent, this is yet another one of those wonderful personal and career milestones — talking with Daniel Meadows about our mutual love for community projects and serendipitous connections.

As I wrote in last month’s issue of Just One Thing, there are many similarities between the way that Daniel worked with the Free Photographic Omnibus and how I work with Neena on The Lifeboat Station Project, but it wasn’t until I had the privilege of hearing him give an online talk in The Photobook Club last year that I realised just how taken I’d become with his approach to documenting the lives of folk.

I’ll leave it there for now and let the conversation in the video above (literally) do the talking.

Full details, introductions and a synopsis of the running order can be found on the Webinars page in the Members’ Area.

Before I go, though, I would like to encourage you once again to spend some time with Daniel’s Vimeo feed — a veritable treasure trove of short stories for which this 2m25s film sets the scene:


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