Old Man of the Sea

Geoff Needham, Hunstanton, Norfolk

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When I visited Hunstanton RNLI Lifeboat Station a week ago, Geoff was one of the first people I met.

At 83 years old, he’s the station’s Press Officer and has been involved with the RNLI for nearly thirty years.

I found it hard to resist the opportunity to ask Geoff if I could make his portrait. With his classic nautical demeanour, I’m sure you can see why?

As the day progressed and I became more familiar with my surroundings, the photograph came to me…

Once I’d completed my other work, the skinny winter sun began to set over Hunstanton Beach and we made time to capture this portrait for posterity on 10×12″ glass:

The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe
Geoff Needham, Hunstanton Lifeboat Press Officer (LPO) at Hunstanton Beach, Tuesday 20th January 2015 (10×12″ Ambrotype)

Much like the additional plate I made at Wells, I wanted this photograph to encapsulate some of the timeless qualities that are intrinsic to the RNLI — those of peace and calm, of fondness and family.

Limited Edition Print

I’m making just 50 limited edition prints of this photograph.

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The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe
Geoff Needham, moments before I made his ‘Old Man of the Sea’ portrait…


My warm thanks to everybody who participated at Hunstanton, with a special mention for Geoff Needham, featured in the photographs in this post.


  1. I really like the feeling that this ambrotype exudes. You captured a great someone/ something/ and sometime!


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