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I’m proposing to hold a series of free webinars — register your interest below

I’ve really enjoyed giving several talks during lockdown, so I’m proposing to hold a series of free winter webinars via Zoom.

The format will be very much lead by the input I receive from you over the coming months but I imagine they will be quite relaxed — each webinar being more of a guided group discussion than a talk as such.

We can cover topics ranging from the story of The Lifeboat Station Project to what it takes to make a successful project, including funding and how to engage with your audience.

I’m sure you’ll find the discussions informative, thought-provoking, motivating and inspiring for your own creative journey.

I will be providing the webinars free-of-charge, however I’m sure you’ll appreciate that it’s been a long path to get to a point where I can offer my experiences and expertise to you in this way.

Therefore, any contributions are gratefully received. You can find out how to support my work on this page, a place where you can also learn how to join me as a patron

…no grand gestures required, simply contribute whatever you’re comfortable with.

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The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe
The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe

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The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe

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The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe

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