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Jack Lowe at Selsey by Julia Claxton

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Unfortunately, the RNLI haven’t been able to give me the go-ahead to resume my visits to lifeboat stations this year.

So, later this month, I will be shining a light on a lesser-known dimension of The Lifeboat Station Project, nurturing the ethos of it being about the lifeboat volunteers, for the lifeboat volunteers

The last few months have been very difficult, so I’m excited at the prospect of developing this strand of the project.

I will announce my plans in more detail shortly via The LSP Society (my membership platform) and our app will be the best place to follow the next chapter.


I’ll be sharing this month’s journey solely within The LSP Society for two reasons:

  • As a special ‘thank you’ to those who’ve stuck by me, particularly through the pandemic;
  • To attract the extra support I need to ensure this historic project reaches its conclusion.

Full membership starts from £1 per month. The most popular amounts are £3 or £5 per month but you can pledge whatever you’re comfortable with.

Not only will you get to follow this month’s journey but you’ll also have access to the Members’ Area, which is brimming with extra sound recordings, films, talks and blog posts.

Heck, if you don’t like it, you can cancel your pledge and it won’t cost you another penny.

But I reckon you’re going to enjoy it, and this next chapter is going to be very special indeed.

Find out more here:


[Update: I published my more detailed plans the following day here]


A film by Pete Naylor, shortlisted at the 2018 Newlyn Film Festival


A film made by the RNLI to celebrate the project’s 5th anniversary


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  1. I think I can guess what the plan b is but I’m keeping quiet incase I’m miles off the right answer. Hope you are doing ok Jack

    • Thank you, Nick. I’m pretty frazzled but now turning my attentions to my travels later this month, which I’m really excited about.

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