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It’s not often you meet somebody and hit it off right away, and it’s perhaps even rarer to not meet somebody and hit it off right away!

But that’s what happened when Jeffery Saddoris dropped me a message via Twitter at the start of the year, a message which simply read:

I think there might be some conversations to record if you’re interested.

Jeffery is an established podcaster based in Washington DC — “a serial conversationalist” as his About page reads — so I was really excited when he got in touch.

We arranged an initial chat to see if we’d get along. Apparently, those conversations usually take around twenty minutes but we blethered on for some two hours!

It was clear there was a connection and, well, the ability for us both to talk.

On that back of that, it made sense to book a mutually convenient slot and record a conversation for the first time. Given the chatting we’d already done, I thought we might last for about an hour…but NO, three hours this time!

So, Jeffery’s released the recording in two parts. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them whether you’re a staunch fan of The Lifeboat Station Project or if you simply want some tips on how to think about your next big idea.

Avid podcast listeners can search and subscribe to Jeffery Saddoris: Everything in your favourite podcast app or head here:



Part one (Friday 12th February 2021) and part two (Friday 19th February 2021) can be accessed by clicking the images at the top of this post.


I’d like to thank Jeffery very much indeed. Firstly for getting in touch but secondly for being so very good at what he does — it’s rare to feel able to have such a relaxed and candid conversation, and that’s down to the ability of the host to make the guest feel so comfortable.

Jeffery’s reputation is clearly hard-earned and well-deserved.

Furthermore, I’d like to thank everyone who’s listened so far and for getting in touch to let me know how much you’ve enjoyed them.

If you’re landing upon these chats with Jeffery for the first time, please feel free to leave some thoughts below…I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Cheerio for now and keep on keepin’ on,



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