1. WOW! Fantastically evocative photos that could’ve been taken by Fox-Talbot himself! Just like those early photos of Scott, Shackleton etc., you can feel the staunch pride on the faces of these wonderful people. When people talk of heroes, they should be looking at these!

    • That’s right, Mrs Dutton. I’m looking forward to documenting Skegness in the next four years of this five year mission. You’ll find more information here and on the Mission Map. Thank you for your interest. Jack

      • thank you for your reply I will keep looking — we are going to get some alternations to our boat house soon to make it bigger for our new boat

  2. Where is the Mudeford lifeboat picture, the very one I wanted?

    • Hi Janet, Unfortunately, Mudeford needed to cancel just before I was due to document their station. We will arrange a new date in the future. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll be among the first to hear of the latest itinerary news. Thank you of your interest, Jack

  3. Hi Jack, great work, although never seen ours at Bude posted up! Cheers Rob.

    • Hi Robin, Thank you. Bude’s will be uploaded tomorrow (Monday), which will complete the Cornish coast. Best wishes, Jack

  4. Hi Jack
    I got my copy of the Dunmore Lifeboat today. The quality is absolutely fantastic. I am looking forward to framing it and getting it up on my wall. Well done and best of luck with the rest of the project. Keep the head up, it will be worth it in the end.

    • That’s great to hear, David, and thank you for your kind encouragement! Best wishes, Jack

  5. We were there when you were doing the shots in Tenby, thrilled to see how fantastic they have come out. Fabulous photos of some pretty incredible, selfless people. Well done Jack fantastic!!

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