1. Really Great Work, Im a photography student and about to document Shoreham lifeboat station for my final university project, would you be able to offer any advice? Thank you

    • Excellent! Make sure you contact the station in good time. Make good use of the RNLI website and the station’s own site to find out the right person to email (usually the LOM or Cox’n). Then write to them describing concisely what you’d like to achieve. Bear in mind stations have lots of photographers who’d like to visit, so be prepared to follow it up with a phone call. I hope it goes well for you – let me know! Jack

  2. Jack,

    I saw your work on Countryfile and as a photographer who still shoots, develops and prints my own b&w stuff, I loved your work. So much depth to your shots and fantastic resolution from the LF camera. Do you use wet or dry plates?


    • Hi Paul, I’m making wet plates. You can read more about the Project here. Jack

  3. Met Jack Lowe this morning at Aberavon with Lifeboat Project van and it was a revelation to hear about his lifeboat project. It is truly amazing and I hope many people will support him along his way.

  4. thanks for yesterday Jack it was great to met you and the photos look amazing. Angela, Williams mum has asked me to ask you to send her best onto your family. Enjoy the Scillies

  5. I felt very fortunate to be able speak to you yesterday and to watch you work today at St Mary’s today. Fantastic project. Looking forward to you visiting Weymouth.

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