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Episode 3: Meet Wing Munro!

There was never any occasion when a lifeboat never launched out of Scrabster, be it tide or weather or nothin’ else.” — Wing Munro, Retired Thurso Lifeboat Coxswain

First published on World Radio Day 2018: Jack Lowe — creator of The Lifeboat Station Project — invites you to meet Wing Munro, legendary Coxswain of the Thurso RNLI lifeboat, the most northerly lifeboat station on mainland Britain. Jack’s conversation with Wing was made on 8th June 2016. Wing retired from the RNLI the following year in October 2017.

This podcast is a tribute to Wing Munro’s distinguished and decorated career as a lifeboatman that spanned nearly half a century. Enjoy the pearls of wisdom and wealth of experience that Wing shares with Jack, as well as an introduction made aboard the imperious Tynemouth Severn Class lifeboat on 7th February 2018.


For those that would like to know, the main interview with Wing was recorded in June 2016 using a Tascam DR-40 and Røde NTG-2 microphone.

The intro and outro were recorded in February 2018 with the kit that I’m now using — a DPA 4017b microphone plugged into my iPhone 7 Plus using the DPA d:vice MM-A digital audio interface. The mic was housed inside ‘The Windkiller XL’ by Bubblebee Industries.

Recorded on the iPhone using Hindenburg and edited on a MacBook Pro using Hindenburg Journalist.

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Episode 2: From Tramore to Helvick Head

The Lifeboat Station Project arrives in Tramore (County Waterford, Ireland) with a warm welcome from Fergal and Nóirín. They’re husband and wife, dedicated teachers and lifeboat volunteers. I can’t thank Fergal and Nóirín enough for hosting me so diligently and thoughtfully! You’ll hear us go on a little tour of the area, including a brief station visit to meet Lifeboat Operations Manager Derek Musgrave. Then to the locally famous Guillamene swimming cove where we bump into larger-than-life Frank Nolan, the lifeboat station’s President. After that, a little insight into life inside Neena (my mobile darkroom), rounding off with a musical treat from Power’s Bar in Dunmore East…

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Episode 1: The Lifeboat Station Project arrives in Ireland!

The very first podcast by photographer Jack Lowe as he takes the Project to Ireland for the first time. Snippets of sound from the ferry crossing including a chat with Catherine Lee (P&O representative and lifeboat volunteer), a brief stop at Larne RNLI Lifeboat Station to meet Phil and Derek before heading south, scrabbling for change at a toll booth and a surprise encounter on the dark, rainy streets of Dunmore East…